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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo leads the pack as the fastest growing city in terms of international, overnight visitor numbers in the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index.

The rapid rise in tourism after the end of Sri Lanka’s long running civil war brought about Colombo’s double-digit cumulative annual growth rate over the last six years.

Seven of the top ten fastest growing cities by visitor number over this period are in Asia, the website reports.

Forecasted top ten fastest growing cities:

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka – 21.1 %

2. Chengdu, China – 20.7 %

3. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 20.4%

4. Osaka, Japan – 19.8%

5. Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia – 18.0%

6. Xi An, China – 16.2%

7. Taipei, Taiwan – 14.9%

8. Tokyo, Japan – 14.6%

9. Lima, Peru – 13.9%

10.Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 12.9%


In addition, Asian cities continue to dominate of the Index, making up half of the top ten. Bangkok has retained its position at number twowith 18.24 million international overnight visitors and is catching up with top-ranked city, London. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Hong Kong round off the top ten, taking seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place respectively.Forecasted international overnight visitors tothe top ten cities:

1. London, United Kingdom – 18.82 million

2.Bangkok, Thailand – 18.24 million

3. Paris, France – 16.06 million

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 14.26 million

5. Istanbul, Turkey – 12.56 million

6. New York, USA – 12.27 million

7. Singapore – 11.88 million

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 11.12 million

9. Seoul, South Korea – 10.35 million

10.Hong Kong – 8.66 million

Driven by insights into travel patterns, the Global Destinations CitiesIndex provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities from around the world. More than just a travel tracker, the Index provides an understanding of how people move around the world and the importance of the world?s cities as homes, destinations and engines of growth.

Report in full can be downloaded from here:

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SEISMIC SURVEY UNDERWAY FOR MALE-HULHULE BRIDGE is a Norway-based blog about the capitals of the world, with a focus on tourism, travel, transport, the environment, politics, diplomatic affairs, lifestyle, culture and entertainment, food and drink.

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Male, capital of Maldives

A Chinese team of scientists is conducting a seismic survey of the ocean basin between Maldives capital Malé and the airport island for a planned bridge.

Maldives housing minister Mohamed Muizzu last week said the bridge will run from Malé’s surf point, Raalhugandu, to the southwest corner of Hulhulé island’s airport runway, the Minivan News – website writes.

The Chinese team is to drill 29 boreholes, 59 meters deep, in the ocean basin to see if it can hold the bridge’s foundation pillars. Designs for the six-lane bridge is expected to be completed by the end of June this year, the government has announced.

China has previously said it would “favorably consider financing” the bridge if the design proves feasible, while President Xi Jinping said he hoped the government would call the bridge “the China-Maldives friendship bridge”.

It is expected to cost between US$100million to US$150million. Construction of the Malé-Hulhulé Bridge, first slated to begin in 2014, will now start by the end of this year, and will be completed within two years.

The bridge, a key campaign pledge of President Abdulla Yameen, will also connect Malé to its suburb Hulhumalé, an artificial island located behind Hulhulé and connected by a short causeway. In March, 227 hectares of land were reclaimed in Hulhumalé for a planned “Youth City”.

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CINNAMON RED COLOMBO EMERGES AS BEST NEW HOTEL IN SOUTH ASIA is a blog about the capitals of the world, with a focus on tourism, travel, transport, politics, diplomatic affairs, lifestyle, culture and entertainment, food and drink.

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Cinnamon Red Colombo, part of the dynamic Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts chain, won the ‘Best New Hotel of the Year’ award in the ‘Mid-Market’ segment at the 11th Hotel Investment Conference – South Asia (HICSA) 2015, held on the 7th and 8th April 2015, in New Delhi, India, the The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka writes.

The prestigious annual HICSA ‘Hotel of the Year’ awards were instituted to honor and recognize the most outstanding hotel developments in the region for the past year. Hosted by HVS Asia, a dedicated hospitality consulting firm, the conference provides a highly respected platform for new hotels to gain prominence.

Winning this award reaffirms that Cinnamon red is perfectly positioned to cater to the demands of the new age travelers – the new millennials – and due to its strong brand presence, especially in the South Asian region, provides a unique experience for its guests.

Terrence Fernando, General Manager of Cinnamon red Colombo received the award on behalf of Cinnamon red at the awards ceremony held on 7th April at the JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi.

In its published report on Sri Lanka’s hospitality sector, HVS noted that the launch of Cinnamon red Colombo presents an excellent opportunity to tap into the burgeoning mid-market outbound traveler segment, primarily from India and China.

The new, emerging breed of discerning travelers seek the assurance of a hotel that understands and anticipates their needs, while providing the right amalgamation of comfort, efficiency and convenience – the precise concept of Lean Luxury which Cinnamon red is pioneering.

By adapting to the growing needs of this segment, Cinnamon red has yet again emerged as a preferred choice for travelers, more recently winning a award for guest satisfaction as well.

Kilde / Source: The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka –

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#Port #Blair, #hovedstaden i det #indiske territoriet #Andamanene og #Nicobarene, som ligger helt vest i #Indiahavet, langt fra #India, og nærmere kysten av #Thailand og #Indonesia, er et populært reisemål for #dykkere og #snorklere fra hele verden. 

Port Blair og øygruppen ellers er et paradis for #scubadykkere, andre dykkere, og snorklere, som vil utforske et utrolig fargerikt og levende mangfold i havet.

Er man først kommet til hovedstaden, en gammel #britisk #koloniby med 100,000 innbyggere, trenger man nødvendigvis ikke å reise veldig langt av gårde for de store dykkeropplevelsene. I Port Blair er et besøk i #Gandhi #Park et must.  Parken sine fasiliteter og aktiviteter passer også godt for barnefamilier, her er det blant annet tivoli, vannsport i sikre omgivelser, natursti rundt innsjøen, en store hage, og spisesteder.

Her finnes også historiske minnesmerker, som et #japansk #tempel, og en bunker fra 2.#verdenskrig. En gang i tiden lå Dilthaman-tanken her, en vanntank som var byens eneste drikkevannskilde. Da det ble bestemt at hele området skulle omgjøres til den parken man kjenner i dag, tok det faktisk bare 13 dager å fullføre det omfattende arbeidet.

Tre kilometer fra Port Blair, ved Wandoor, ligger #Mahatma Gandhi #Marine National Park, som dekker et område på vel 281 kvadratkilometer. Nasjonalparken består blant annet av åpne sjøområder, elver og bekker, og 15 store og små øyer. Parken blir regnet for å være blant de mest spektakulære i sitt slag i verden. Her kan man få oppleve sjeldne koraller og livet i havet gjennom glassbunnede båter, eller kanskje endra bedre, ved scubadykking eller snorkling. 

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