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President Abdulla Yameen meets with the visiting delegation from Saudi Arabia in the Maldives to attend the Independence Day functions. Photo: Office of the President

City of Male

A Saudi-Arabia embassy opened in the Maldives capital Male on Sunday, according to the Saudi Press Agency, the website reports. 

The move was based on the agreements between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Maldives to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries, Director of Media Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Osama bin Ahmad Nuqali said.
Ambassador Nuqali also said that the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking forward that the diplomatic relations between the two countries will contribute to developing bilateral relations and supporting joint interests.
During the recent visit of a top Saudi delegation to the Maldives, President Abdulla Yameen had said Maldives was open for joint venture investments with Saudi Arabia.
Highlighting the difficulties faced in travelling between Maldives and Saudi Arabia, President Yameen had also noted the importance of establishing better transportation between the two countries.

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