Photo of the Day: Neptune’s Fountain Statue, Gdansk, Poland

Photo of the Day: Neptune’s Fountain Statue (Fontanna Neptuna), Długi Targ (Long Market Street), by the entrance to Artus Court, Gdansk, Poland. May 2017. Photo by:

The fountain and the bronze statue was constructed with the initiative of Gdansk Mayor Bartłomiej Schachmann, and was designed and constructed by several different artists. Construction started in 1603, and the fountain was opened on 9 October 1633, with the official inauguration of the fountain’s operation taking place on 23 March 1634. Formerly, the fountain was painted. The fountain was renovated in 1927, but damaged during World War II, and moved to Parchów, near Bytow. It was put back to operation on 22 July 1957. As part of renovation works in 1988 the fountain’s genitals were covered with a fig leaf.
A full renovation took place between September 2011 and April 2012.

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