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The Beer Photo: A pint of Leon all malt beer, at the popular and always busy The Meeting Pub, on the Phinikoudes Beach and Seafront, Larnaca, Republic of Cyprus. Photo credit:

Leon is produced and distributed by the Photos Photiades Brewery Ltd., based in Nicosia, capital city of Cyprus. 

Photos Photiades Brewery is also the brewer of Carlsberg, and Krauzer Brau Beers, in Cyprus, Bottler of Agros Natural Mineral Water, Winemaker of Kyperounda Wines, Producer of ENA Juices and Distiller of Tazovsky Vodka.

Leon was the product of the first brewery in Cyprus, founded in 1937. The production of Leon was suspended in 1962 because the brewery acquired the license to produce Carlsberg locally, which began in 1969.

In 2003, Photos Photiades Brewery re-launched Leon based on the original recipe used in 1937. It is an All Malt beer because only malt, hops and yeast are used in its production.

Until the arrival of KEO in 1951, Leon was the only locally produced beer in Cyprus.

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