Ljubljana mayor ready to help Sofia become European Green Capital

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“We are ready to help Sofia to become European Green Capital”. That’s what Mayor of Slovenian capital city Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković, who is on a visit to Sofia said, cited by a reporter of FOCUS News Agency.

“Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, has a special place among us, mayors of European capitals. We attended a conference in Amsterdam and I am very glad that Sofia has decided to apply for a European Green Capital Award,” Mayor Janković said. 

“If we want to save the planet every city in the world must be a green capital. When applying there are 12 chapters, but it’s not about whether we will fulfill them and when we will fulfill them. We are open for questions and for help. I am glad that Mayor Fandakova decided to make this step,” he said.

“We mayors are a special kind of people. Between us there is no negative competition, but cooperation and look forward to the success of anyone who achieves it, “he said.

“Now we are holding negotiations with the European Union to get as much money directly to cities rather than countries because I am convinced that mayors know best what their cities need,” the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovic, noted.

See the full story here: www.focus-fen.net/news/2016/05/23/407350/we-are-ready-to-help-sofia-become-european-green-capital-ljubljana-mayor.html

News source: FOCUS News Agency – www.focus-fen.net

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