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Photo credit: Vienna Tourism / Christian Stemper

Vienna Tourist Board Press Release:

The Austrian capital city Vienna has recorded its best ever year for business events in 2015, with meetings up 3 per cent and economic activity surpassing 1 billion euro for the first time.

The Vienna Convention Bureau announced the record figures, which included 1,392 congresses and 2,293 corporate events, leading to a 13 per cent increase of overnight stays of 1,682,966.

In total, the meetings industry had a value of 1,038.5 million euros.

Vienna Tourist Board director of tourism Norbert Kettner said: “Congratulations to everyone involved in Vienna’s meetings industry, as they have played their part in achieving the best results in Vienna’s history as a meeting destination.”

“Our city hosted a total of 3,685 conferences and corporate events in 2015, which represents a rise of 3 per cent on the total reported in 2014. The number of overnight stays attributable to these events came to 1,682,966, an increase of 13 per cent and equivalent to 12 per cent of all bed nights recorded in Vienna in 2014.

“Across the board, results surpassed the levels set in 2012, which was a record breaking year for the meetings industry, and the findings of the 2014-2016 study add to the positive picture: they show Vienna as a meeting destination that lives up to the ‘global – smart – premium’ criteria enshrined in the capital’s 2020 tourism strategy.”

The bureau said conference participants spent on average 534 euros (£431) each.

The break-down of meeting numbers were: 1,392 congresses (down 5 per cent), where 649 were national (down 4 per cent) and 743 international (down 5 per cent); 2,293 (up 8 per cent) corporate events, where 1,049 were national (up 26 per cent) and 1,244 international (down 4 per cent).

Christian Mutschlechner, head of the Vienna Convention Bureau, added: “Although it is true that there were fewer international congresses, the figures show a greater number of large-scale conferences for 2015 than in 2014. They not only attract more participants, but also last longer, both of which factors have an effect on overnight stays and revenue. A single event like this simply induces more economic impact at a single stroke.”

Some of the major events held last year include the European Congress of Radiology (20,000 delegates), the World Publishing Expo (8,000) and European Geosciences Union General Assembly (14,000).

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