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In Pretoria, a total of 1152 prostitutes compete for business at 30 different sites.

This is according to a study on the state of homelessness in South Africa’s administrative capital Prestoria conducted by the University of Pretoria and Unisa, reported.

The report, “Path Out of Homelessness”, warns of a multiplicity of social situations in the inner city where diseases proliferate.

The report says that, on average, 10 prostitutes ply their trade at a single site, but this can in places rise to as many as 200.

The report states that 1005 of the sex workers are women and 65 are transgender females and their ages range between 18 and 54.

Male sex workers make up 82 of the total.

Of 416 sex workers screened for HIV and TB since October last year, 187 were HIV-positive and of these 177 also had significant TB symptoms.

Quoting Statistics SA 2011 figures, the report says that of a total of 6244 homeless people in the Tshwane municipality, 54% are male, 46% female, 55% black, 39% white, 3.1% coloured and 2.1% Indian.

People aged between 20 and 29 make up 33.4% of the homeless population; 21.4% are over 65 .

According to the report, 32.1% of homeless people in Pretoria come from within Gauteng, while 52.1% are from other provinces and 15.8% are foreigners.

The researchers found that the city’s location and its status as a capital and an economic hub made it attractive to migrants from other provinces and from across the country’s borders.



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