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New Delhi city government has joined hands with the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) to host events in the capital through easy licensing norms. The first such event is the NH7 Weekender which is scheduled for November 28 and 29, reported. 

Tourism minister Kapil Mishra also said the government does not encourage the `pass culture’ prevalent in the city. “I have bought tickets for the event which is the most basic courtesy every elected representative of the city and Delhi government officials can extend to the artistes and teams that put such together such shows.

Asking for free passes, bribery at events using misleading and misinterpreted regulations and blatant misuse of power is something we are strongly against,” he said. 

“Ease of doing business” has been a major point on Delhi government’s agenda and it has also set up a committee to look into simplifying the licensing process.

Mishra said that to promote Delhi as a cultural and entertainment hub, it was necessary to attract artists and performers through easy access.

“This move will be a mutually beneficial public-private partnership and will usher in an era of l minimum government and maximum governance. We will work with Delhi Police on single-window event clearance. Joint branding support will help bolster revenue which will further our investment in sectors like water, electricity , education and health,” Mishra added.

The music festival will also allow artists and craftspersons to showcase their work. There will be a variety of food, art installations, stage design etc. Sabbas Joseph, president, EEMA said: “We are delighted that Delhi Tourism has embraced the events industry in order to put this initiative in place with EEMA. We hope other states will follow.”

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