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Despite mixed reports about the aftermath of government’s revised visa regulations, the City of Cape Town has been attracting more and more international tourists and raking in billions, reported.

Cape Town’s tourism sector has seen steady growth since 2012, despite the government’s controversial visa rules. Tourism spend has increased by R1.2 billion in the last three years bringing the current total spend to R15.6 billion, up from R14.4 billion in 2012.

According to research done for the city council, of the Western Cape’s 1 745 300 visitors, 94% choose Cape Town as their destination of choice. This report is the first that’s been able to determine tourism spend by domestic travellers on day trips to Cape Town, a total of R3.2 billion in 2013.

 “This underscores the importance of not underestimating day trips to the city. We need to take cognisance of the bigger picture: although day visitors do not spend on overnight accommodation, they spend on the city?s attractions, restaurants, local transport and shopping, amongst others,” said Garreth Bloor, the city’s mayoral committee member for tourism, events and economic development.

Bloor went on to say that R3.2 billion is a “significant” contribution to the city’s economy annually.

 “This spending power of all visitors to our city helps to stimulate local job creation. We have seen an encouraging upward trend over the last few years, with the number of jobs increasing steadily.”

“Currently there are 38 838 permanent jobs and 15 489 temporary jobs created in the local tourism sector. I am pleased to see this positive trend, especially during the tough economic climate that we are facing currently.”

“Sustainable job creation is a huge challenge so every job created is most welcomed.”

According to Traveller24, last year 28 000 000 domestic trips were taken in the country, with 10 247 614 foreign arrivals to SA.


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