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Nauru International Airport at Yaren District, the seat of government of the Republic of Nauru, which does not have an official capital.

Nauru Airlines is to extend services into the Federated States of Micronesia and this has prompted it to buy a fifth plane, Radio New Zealand International –

Less than two years ago Nauru Airlines was operating just one jet, but on the back of the activity brought by the Australian run detention camps on Nauru, it can now support four Boeing 737 passenger jets and a freighter.

The airline’s Brisbane based chief executive, Geoff Bowmaker, says it hopes to soon start freighting fresh tuna from Kiribati and will expand the current weekly passenger service into the Marshall Islands.

“From the 12th of June we will be extending that service right across to the Federated States of Micronesia. Initially Kosrae and Pohnpei – those two ports of the FSM. So that is a fair additional amount of flying that we will be undertaking.”

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