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The Republic of San Marino is the-third smallest independent state in Europe. But it hopes to attract big crowds, after signing a a memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation with China’s National Tourism Administration. And with the Milan World Expo coming up this summer, officials hope more people will be inspired to learn about the tiny country, the website reports.

San Marino hopes to attract big crowds, after signing a a memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation with China’s National Tourism Administration.

More than 530,000 Chinese tourists spent time in Italy last year, and San Marino, an enclave state surrounded by Italy, has been benefitting from those visitors.

Republic of San Marino

Its territory covers 61.2 square kilometers and the population is only a little more than 30,000. Anyone with a visa to visit Italy can enter the country. 

“I’ve been to China 42 times so far, and we just signed the memorandum of understanding on the tourism cooperation yesterday. As a member of the China-San Marino Friendship Association, I have met many Chinese guests in my country, many of them say they want to travel to all of the European countries when they are there, and San Marino is easy to access,” said Gianfranco Terenzi, one of the two captains-regent (head of state and government) of San Marino.

Mr.Terenzi said he has received a lot of feedback from people who visited the San Marino pavilion at the Shanghai Expo five years ago, and he hopes Chinese visitors to the Milan World Expo will visit the country’s pavilion again.

“The Milan World Expo is a great opportunity for us, because after the Shanghai Expo, I have seen the growing number of Chinese tourists in San Marino. We have just opened a Confucius Institute in my country, I hope people in San Marino can also know more about Chinese culture and learn the language,” he said.

Italy’s Consulate in Shanghai says the country is offering quicker visa service for people visiting the expo, and the visas will be issued within 36 hours.


The capital of the republic is also called San Marino, home to 4130 people, and in fact not the biggest town in the country. Dogana, in the north-eastern corner of the country, is the biggest town – with 7000 inhabitants – and is the main point of entry for travellers arriving from Italy.

City of San Marino. Photo credit:

Founded on 3 September 301, the Republic of San Marino claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world  

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