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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan (Republic of China) introduces taxi tours and 24-hour toll-free interpretation services for foreign tourists, the website reports.

Taipei’s city government has been working with the leading local taxi companies to roll out some city tour packages and 24-hour interpretation services to make travelling around Taipei easier for foreign tourists.

Taipei has a well-established public transport infrastructure that is both convenient and economical, but there are times when taking a taxi is much more convenient in the sense that you can hop on and alight just about anywhere without having to walk to find a station or fret about buying tickets, and you?re guaranteed a seat on-board.

To help foreign tourists get around more easily, the Taipei city government recently started providing 24-hour toll-free interpretation services so that tourists and taxi drivers can seek help if they’re having trouble communicating. Simply dial the Taipei resident service hotline at 1999 for English- or Japanese-to-Mandarin interpretation. Korean-speaking tourists can call the Tourism Bureau for interpretation assistance at their toll-free hotline: 0800-011765.

The Taipei city government has also joined hands with three local taxi companies, METRO Taxi Co., Ltd, Taiwan Taxi Co., Ltd and Crown GPS Taxi Co., Ltd, bringing together a pool of approximately 70 drivers who are trained to provide a selection of city tours that will take tourists around some of Taipei?s most popular sightseeing locations.

Foreign tourists can also request a driver who speaks foreign languages when making a tour booking.

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