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Nuuk, capital of Greenland

Visit Greenland press release 28 May 2015:

Nuuk has a large tourism potential, and this should be developed. Nuuk has never been prioritized before as a tourist destination. One reason for this argument was that tourists would rather experience the “real” Greenland. But this is precisely the reason to market Nuuk.

“In Nuuk we can show tourists an exciting and modern Greenland. We can show them an Arctic metropolis with urban life and culture that is very much a part of modern Greenland. The Colourful Nuuk brand must be built upon to make the world aware of the many things our capital has to offer,” says Anders Stenbakken, Managing Director of Visit Greenland.
Sermersooq Business Council and Visit Greenland created the brand ‘Colourful Nuuk’ year, but until now it has only been used in limited ways, and lacking still a very important ingredient. Namely, citizen input.

Therefore, a new campaign is being launched to give city residents the opportunity to show what Nuuk means to them – so that the tourists who are interested in Greenland, get a sense of what the ‘real’ Nuuk is


Share your #ColourfulNuuk campaign

Throughout the month of June, there will be focus on raising citizen awareness on #ColourfulNuuk. It is an open-source campaign where locals are encouraged to tell us why and what they love about Nuuk in words and photos on social media.

They can upload their photos on @Ilovegreenland’s facebook page (, or use the hash tag on Twitter ( and Instagram ( Note, users must have a public profile).

Throughout the month, all involved in the #ColourfulNuuk campaign will also go into the draw for many exciting gifts that show the best of Nuuk. It may be a tourist experiences as sailing into the fjord sponsored by Touring Greenland and Tupilak Travel, an overnight stay in Kangi Ski Center and Inuk Hostels or a barbecue package from Pisiffik – or just something nice to have, on a summer day in Nuuk – eg. sunglasses.

The campaign starts on June 1 and runs a month, and for more information check the website at next week.

While many in other countries are used to social media marketing, ‘Share you #ColourfulNuuk’ is the first time Greenland’s tourism industry is using social media in an awareness and marketing campaign such. This is an exciting development for Sermersooq Business Council and Visit Greenland and it will be interesting to see the results.

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