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Port Louis, capital of Mauritius

Government of Mauritius Press Release:

The transport system in Mauritius does not meet the exigencies of a modern and outward oriented country. Hence the need to create a revolution in the public transport system which will be driven by innovation, leadership and quality and which will provide efficacy, comfort and safety to the 750 000 passengers travelling daily by 3 000 buses, the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, says.

Mr Bodha was speaking at the Octave Wiehe stadium in Réduit at the launching of an intercollege debate competition on public transport organised at the initiative of Rose Hill Transport Holdings Ltd (RHT Ltd). He said that the challenge is to make the public transport system as modern as in other countries, while adding that the issues of road safety and congestion also need to be tackled. He pointed out that it is unacceptable that 120 people lose their lives every year in Mauritius while in Reunion Island the number is much less (42) for the same number of cars.

Speaking about the bus industry which can be thriving and modern, the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport stressed that it needs to comprise of three pillars. These are: the National Transport Corporation (NTC); companies like the RHT Ltd; and individual bus owners. He said that all these companies should provide the same quality of transport under the same rules and regulations.

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