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The 130-acre Tahiti Mahana Beach Resort and Spa in Papeete is anticipated to be one of the largest resorts in the Pacific. Its design pays homage to the unique characteristics of French Polynesian culture, while offering guests an unparalleled tropical retreat with sustainable design elements throughout. The waterfront project includes five international class hotels, a timeshare, condominiums, a marina, a retail mall, an aquatic park, a casino, a convention center, theaters and luxury

Business Wire – Press Release – Hawaii’s largest locally owned design firm Group 70 International, Inc. (G70) has submitted its team of world-class investors from the U.S., Tahiti, China, France and Mexico to the French Polynesian government for the new 130-acre Tahiti Mahana Beach Resort and Spa.

Since winning the bid in July 2014, G70 has worked diligently to secure investors who have committed to providing more than $3 billion for this innovative project anticipated to be one of the largest resorts in the Pacific.

“Group 70’s intention is to enhance local ownership to the maximum extent possible, while teaming with top international expertise, financing and resources,” said Group 70 Chairman Francis Oda.

“All members of this power group of international investors are fully committed to the success of this project and look forward to working with local stakeholders to offer the world a unique tourist destination that highlights the values and traditions of the Polynesian culture.”

G70, Hawaii’s leading design firm, was selected by jury as the architect, interior designer and civil engineer on record. CBRE Group, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm serving owners, investors and occupiers, will provide financial and project management services.

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