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Tourists will be able to reach the Romanian seaside slighlty faster by train this summer, with Romanian passenger railway company CFR Calatori’s Seaside Trains.

A trip between Bucharest and Constanta will take just two hours from the May 1 mini-break, CFR promises. The train ride will be speedier as trains will no longer stop in other stations on the way, the website reported

Four such trains will connect the Romanian capital to Constanta seaside resort. The train will leave at 7:30 from Bucharest and will reach its destination at 9:30.

A second train will depart from Bucharest at 16:00 and will arrive in Constanta at 18:00. Some of these trains are already running as of April 24, without making any stops on the way.

From Constanta, the IR 1582 train will depart at 13:00 and will be in Bucharest at 15:01. Another train, IR 1588, will leave from the seaside resort at 19:00 and will arrive in the capital at 21:01.

A train ride between Bucharest and Constanta has different prices, depending on the type of train. A one-way ticket for the Regio and RE trains, class II, costs RON 30.5 while a return ticket is RON 54.9. For the InterRegio trains, class II, a one-way ticket is RON 62, and a return ticket is RON 112.4. Students have discounts.

Train rides to the seaside take anywhere from 6 hours with Regio trains, and between two and two and a half hours with inter-regio trains.

The train ride is an alternative to the car ride, as the Sun Highway linking Bucharest to the seaside gets crowded during high season, especially on Friday evenings/Saturday morning to the seaside, and on Sunday evening to Bucharest.

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