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Male, capital of Maldives

A Chinese team of scientistsis conducting a seismic survey of the ocean basin between Maldivescapital Mal and the airport island for a planned bridge.

Maldives housing minister Mohamed Muizzu last week said the bridge will run from Mal's surf point, Raalhugandu, to the southwest corner of Hulhul island's airport runway, the Minivan News - website writes.

The Chinese team is to drill 29 boreholes, 59 meters deep, in the ocean basin to see if it can hold the bridge's foundation pillars. Designs for the six-lane bridge is expected to be completed by the end of June this year, the government has announced.

China has previously said it would "favorably consider financing" the bridge if the design proves feasible, while President Xi Jinping said he hoped the government would call the bridge "the China-Maldives friendship bridge".

It is expected to cost between US$100million to US$150million. Construction of the Mal-Hulhul Bridge, first slated to begin in 2014, will now start by the end of this year, and will be completed within two years.

The bridge, a key campaign pledge of President Abdulla Yameen, will also connect Mal to its suburb Hulhumal, an artificial island located behind Hulhul and connected by a short causeway. In March, 227 hectares of land were reclaimed in Hulhumal for a planned "Youth City".

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