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The national flag of Cuba – the next flag on our flag counter?

The national flag of Iran – the next flag on ur flag counter?

Dear visitor,

We now have the flags from 224 countries and territories represented on our flag counter, and would love to see even more!

We hve made numerous attempts over a long period of time trying to get visitors from the countries listed below, but no luck so far. Of course, there might have been visitors from theese countries, but with IP addresses / domain registrated elsewhere. 

If you have friends, family or other connections in one or more of theese countries we would be very pleased if you would tell them about our blog, and hopefully they will click in, using a computer with their own country’s Internet domain name, and contribute to our flag collection!

Thank you very much for your kind assistance, thank you for visiting, and, let’s wait and see which will be the next new country!

The national flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – the next flag on our flag counter?

We would love to see the flags of the following countries and territories on our flag counter:

British Indian Ocean Territory
Christmas Island
Norfolk Island
North Korea 
Saint Helena Island
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
South Sudan
Vatican City State
Wallis and Futuna Islands

The national flag of Kosovo, the next flag on our flag counter?


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