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Lima, capital of Peru.

Peru expects the opening of the United Arab Emirates embassy in Lima there “very soon”, reports.

Peruvian and UAE relations are going from strength to strength be it in trade, investments, and political relations for the past four years, a top diplomat said.

Peruvian Consul-General in Dubai, Mr.Carlos Tavera said since the establishment of the Peruvian consulate-general in Dubai in 2011, much has been achieved in terms the relations between the two countries.

“Results have been good for us. We increased trade, we increased tourism, and we increased investments. Now we’re expecting the UAE to open an embassy in Peru and we are sure that according to the conversations, it is going to happen very soon,” Tavera told Gulf News on the sidelines of an event promoting Peru as a tourism destination to the UAE.

If the talks push through, Peru will host the second UAE embassy in the South American continent, following Brazil.

Peruvian exports to the UAE increased from $3 million (Dh11.01 million) in 2011 to $70 million in 2014. Peru’s main exports to the UAE include gold, bulletproof windows, car windows, food and beverage products, home decors and fashion products, said Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, director of the trade, tourism and investment office of Peru in Dubai.

UAE investments in Peru, on the other hand, with three big companies based in Peru, amount to $1.3 to 1.5 billion.

Peru continues to be the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water’s partner in growing the South American crop, quinoa, locally to help enhance the country’s food security.

During the event, Tavera invited UAE residents to not only try out their food and crops but also to see the real thing by visiting Peru.

“Peru is a country with a very rich culture, very rich geography and it’s a must-visit,” he said.

Tavera said the first Muslim-friendly hotel in South America, the five star luxury Lima Sonesta Hotel El Olivar, opened in Lima last year, signalling they’re ready to receive tourists from the Arab world.

The consulate doubled the visa issuances since 2011, which now stands at 1,500 annually.

There are an estimated 400 Peruvians in the UAE, the biggest in the Mena region. They work in different fields namely, aviation, hospitality, oil industry, and business and Finance.

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