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Tourist spots in Beijing receive record visitors amid heavy snow. Photo: cctv-america.com

Famous tourist attractions in Beijing, including the Forbidden City and the Jingshan Park, were inundated with visitors on Sunday as snow blanketed the Chinese Capital, cctv-america.com reported.

Long queues could be seen at the entrance to the Forbidden City all day long, as the imperial palace was decorated with white snowflakes, which covered the golden glazed tiles and brightened the traditional red walls.

Thousands of visitors climbed to the top of Jingshan Park in order to have a panoramic view of the Forbidden City. According to the Beijing-based Legal Evening News, the park saw a record number of visitors on Sunday, even surpassing numbers usually only seen on the National Day Holidays. For safety concerns, the park later had to close roads to the hill top.

Whilecitizensand tourists in Beijingenjoyed the beautiful snowscape, snowstorms in north China swept across a vast area on Sunday, disrupting traffic, grounding flights and slowing bullet trains in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Inner Mongolia.

Nearly 300 flights were cancelled with many delayed at the Beijing Capital International Airport due to the continuous snow. The snow has continued to affect large areas. Today schools are closed in mountainous areas of Beijing. Meanwhile, the Beijing Meteorological Station has issued alerts for icy roads and possible blizzard conditions.

China's National Meteorological Center forecasts the cold front will cause temperatures to drop a further 12C(53.6F)from Sunday to Tuesday in regions in the country's north, northwest, and most parts of central and northeastern provinces.

In some mountainous areas of Beijing, temperatures are forecast to be as low as -18C (-0.4F) while in urban areas, thermometers could drop to -12C (10.4F).

Read more at www.cctv-america.com/2015/11/23/tourist-spots-in-beijing-receive-record-visitors-amid-heavy-snow

Source: www.cctv-america.com

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